We harvest data from your farm: continuously analyzing data to provide actionable feedback.

Pollen Systems helps farms collect and analyze data that can help identify property areas that may be suffering from issues caused by poor or inconsistent irrigation, irregular growth, and pests and diseases. We integrate your existing information and add to your processes detailed analyses that include regular or weekly RGB, NDRE, and NDVI imaging from drones, fixed wing aircraft, satellites, and ground vehicles.

Analyzing this data in real time enables us to provide state-of-the-art alerts and feedback on what can be done to improve and optimize your crops.

We understand that each of our customers face their own unique challenges; that is why Pollen Systems’ solution offerings are specifically customized to fit your individual needs and demands. 

Active Scouting

Let us take accurate scans of your property

One of our Pollen drone technicians will visit your site weekly for a flyover, operating highly customized drones to take detailed NDRE, NDVI, and RGB pictures. These pictures help us collect data on soil conditions, crop health, pest & diseases, and other factors that can help you improve harvest yield and productivity. All of our scans are stored in the Pollen Cloud to be analyzed by our technicians and analytics software.

Data Analytics

Our patent-pending software gets you the data you need to optimize your farms and vineyards

The NDRE, NDVI, and RGB images captured during our scouting are utilized by our Pollen Technicians to help you find the best solutions to optimizing your farm or vineyard. Using our analysis software, we’re able to map out individual plots, alert you of potential issues, and provide exact locations on areas of improvement.

Access your data anywhere

All your information at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere 

All your documented property scans, flyby data, advice are stored securely in our Pollen Cloud system. Your information will be accessible to you from any device — at any time, anywhere.